General Meeting – October 11, 2016 (Starts at 6:30pm)


Presented by NEIL WOODWORTH, Executive Director/Counsel of the Adirondack Mountain Club and JOHN GILEWICZ, President of the Adirondack Mountain Club.
Neil Woodworth has been involved in a multitude of Adirondack and New York State issues for over 12 years as Executive Director. Most recently, Neil applauded New York’s purchase of the Boreas Ponds Tract near North Hudson, and is part of the BeWildNY coalition to protect Adirondack Wilderness areas. The group endorses reasonable public access to newly acquired pristine areas, while protecting lands from motor vehicles and invasive species. They also
advocate linking the High Peaks and Dix Wilderness areas, creating 280,000 acres of  contiguous Wilderness, on a par with the National Parks in the West.   Neil attended Albany Law School and was an attorney with a Law Firm for 10 years before assuming his current Executive Director/Counsel position with ADK in July 2004. Neil will discuss timely topics for ADK, and its future directions. Known for his energy and enthusiasm, this will be an exciting and inspiring presentation for WNY ADK members.
John Gilewicz has been an ADK member for over 20 years, and has served as the club’s President since January 2014.  John first served on the ADK Executive Committee in 2007 as the Niagara Frontier Director, and later served as ADK Vice President for 3 years before becoming President.  John is the Cofounder of Parker Bay Engineering, and recently
relocated from Grand Island to western Massachusetts.


Presented by DR. JERRY SULTZ, Niagara Frontier Search & Rescue Team
Do you have a compass but are not quite sure what to do with it? Dr. Jerry Sultz, a senior member of the Niagara Frontier Search and Rescue Team, will give us some basic information on finding compass bearings, using a compass to make sure you are on the right course to your destination, and using a compass to help plan a hiking route. Jerry is also a former chapter chair with plenty of experience hiking locally and in theAdirondacks. He will give us a wonderful perspective!
Please join us from 6:30 until 7:10 PM in the room adjacent to our main meeting room.

Did you miss our June Picnic? Read about what you missed!

Annual Picnic and Meeting Report

About 80 ADK picnickers enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the scenic Commissioners Cabin at Chestnut Ridge Park for  the June 11 Annual Picnic/Meeting. Bravo to Mary Schraven and Dana Jandzinski for organizing a successful event, with an impressive selection of outings, stimulating animal presentation, and smooth production of grilled offerings and beverages to please everyone. The ADK beanbag toss game was properly initiated, and will provide hours of fun for a wide span of ages in the years to come.

Messinger Wood Wildlife Rescue Presentation: A diverse collection of rehabilitating animals were featured, including a possum (a marsupial), Screech and Barred owls, American kestral, Red-tailed hawk, and a talking American crow. An attentive ADK audience enjoyed the close-up views of these special animals with their dedicated caretakers.

Bylaws: Revisions to add the Webmaster and Young Member Coordinator positions were approved.

Election Results: Lynn Rehfeld-Kenney was re-elected to the 2nd Vice Chair/Conservation position for a 2-year term. Dana Jandzinski was elected to the 3rd Vice Chair/Programs position for a 2-year term. Congratulations and thank you to Lynn and Dana.

Conservation Award: Lynda Schneekloth Linda S

Grateful Thanks to many individuals for contributing to a successful picnic:
Outing leaders: Liesel and James White, Kim Newland, Sandy Paine, Karl Minklie, Lynn and Doug Kenney
Shoppers: Sandy Paine and Carol Schuster
Setup: Kathy Clerkin, Schusters, Sandy Paine, Schravens, Kowalskis
Grillers: David and Carol Schuster, Mike Weimer, Kowalskis, Carolyn Kerr, and Kevin Bolt

Executive Committee Gratitude: Every member of our Executive Committee contributes to the smooth operation of our wonderful Niagara chapter. Thanks to: Mary Schraven Outings, Lynn Rehfeld-Kenney Conservation, Dana Jandzinski Programs, Teresa Corrigan Education, Rob Laing Director and Webmaster, Doug Gaffney Treasurer, Kate Hacker and Mike Weimer Newsletter, Cheryl Peluso Electronic Communications, Larry Beahan Secretary, Kathy Clerkin Membership, Sandy Paine Hospitality, Janet Kowalski Chair

Next Year’s Picnic: Sunday, June 11, 2017 at Ellicott Creek Park

Message from the Chair   Janet Kowalski

ChairThere is no shortage of enticing challenges to guide ADK members towards achieving hiking and climbing goals. In our own chapter, completing 50 hikes described in our ADK-NFC Outings Guide earns you the Wilderness Weekends in WNY patch. Becoming a 46er is a more popular goal than ever before. The Fire Tower Challenge is another fun endeavor, climbing 18 of the 23 fire tower summits in the Adirondacks, and all 5 Catskill fire tower summits. These climbs are easier than the High Peaks, and take you to historic and spectacular summits across the Park. The Glens Falls – Saratoga Chapter sponsors this challenge, and of course you’ll receive a patch when you finish. For youngsters, there is the Kids On the Trail challenge, sponsored by the Laurentian Chapter to introduce families to 16 easy hikes throughout Adirondack Park. In my view, it’s not simply about the patch or the goal, but the enriching and personal journey along each trail. It is important to appreciate the wildflowers, bird songs, wooded smells and summit views.  Whether you finish or not, every outing brings its own joys and challenges, and also a special interaction with the Natural World. As you experience your summer outings, take time to Savor and Enjoy!


Hospitality Chair Position Update: Sandy Paine is finishing her long tenure as our delightful Hospitality Chair. Sandy has provided exceptional refreshments at our monthly meetings with a friendly smile and a fun-loving salute to the seasons. We have enjoyed her St Patrick’s Day and holiday treats, and also her healthy selection of fruits and vegetables that sometimes becomes dinner for time-crunched members. On behalf of a grateful chapter, thank you very much Sandy for your years of cheerful and nutritious dedication.

Carol Schuster has generously offered to serve as our new Hospitality Chair. Carol and her husband David are active members, driving to every meeting with Kathy Clerkin, and were also notably involved with the picnic this year. Enticing refreshments play a fundamental role in our monthly meetings, and facilitate friendly conversation among ADK members. Thank you Carol!


46er Update: At the Annual Picnic we recognized the Niagara Frontier ADK members who have climbed the 46 Adirondack Peaks over 4000 feet in elevation. Altogether, EIGHTY-ONE members in our chapter have accomplished this impressive goal since our formation in 1971.

Many Niagara ADK members are currently working towards this objective. 46er Lynn Kenney is the keeper of our chapter’s official 46er banner, an impressive prop to display from the summit of your 46th peak. Please contact Lynn if your completion is imminent, to borrow the banner and properly photo your achievement! (Lynn Kenney: woodthrush3@hotmail.com).

ADK-NFC Newsletter Name: In the 70’s, our chapter newsletter was called Niagara Newsletter, then shortened to Niagara Letter. Today, we just call it ADK-NFC Newsletter. Since other chapters have catchy names to identify their newsletters (Good Tidings, Trail Talk, Talk of the Trail, Lookout) we asked for suggestions at the Annual Picnic.

An excellent assortment of names came forth, including: Pathmaker, Pathfinder, WNY Wanderings, Niagran, Trailhead, Trailblazer, WNY Whispering, Nature Whispers, Explorer Guide, Niagara Nature News, Niagara Frontier Pioneers, and Breaking Trail. Keep the suggestions coming! Submit your ideas to Newsletter Chair Mike Weimer (mtweimer35@gmail.com). A Newsletter Name subcommittee will make their decision soon!

Young Members (YM) Johns Brook Lodge Fall Weekend Scholarships

Apply now, only 4 scholarships available!

On September 9 – 11, ADK’s young members (20s and 30s) from across the state are taking over Johns Brook Lodge (JBL)! This beautiful rustic lodge in the heart of the High Peaks Region is a 3.5 mile walk from the famous Garden Trailhead in Keene Valley, and a perfect starting point for some of the most popular climbs in the Adirondacks. Our chapter is offering FOUR HALF-PRICE scholarships ($75) for ADK-NFC Young Members on a first-come-first-served basis. The weekend includes 2 nights lodging at JBL, ALL meals, and guided hike options.

Cost: $148 (members, $73 with scholarship)/$165 (nonmember). Check the chapter website for Scholarship Applications: adk-nfc.org

ADK CARES about Conservation, Advocacy, Recreation, Education and Stewardship

NFC Offers Scholarships for a Variety of Education Programs

In addition to the Winter Mountaineering School scholarships, awards for several other ADK classes are also available from the Niagara Frontier Chapter. ADK’s Education classes provide the skills and ethics needed to explore the wilderness safely with maximum enjoyment and satisfaction. Most classes are offered at the Heart Lake Program Center with trained professional instructors. Options include the popular Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder courses offered throughout the year. These courses will help you prepare for an emergency when you are miles from help. Other skill workshops including Map and Compass Fundamentals, Leave No Trace Master Education courses, and Guides License Training. Learn more about ADK classes on the state website ADK.org, and find out about scholarship support from the chapter’s website adk-nfc.org. Build up your skills and share what you have learned with local ADK members. It’s a win-win for everyone!

 YOUNG MEMBERS (20s & 30s)

Young Members (YM) form a vital component of ADK, rejuvenating the club with fresh ideas and energy. Across the state, YM ADK groups are forming, with their own outings and social scene. If you’re interested in becoming an Outings Leader or heading up the YM efforts in the Niagara Frontier area, e-mail Outings Chair Mary Schraven maryschraven1@gmail.com or Chapter Chair Janet Kowalski janetk300@gmail.com to learn more!

Want to explore the Adirondacks? Check out these upcoming opportunities for YMs:

JBL Young Adult Member Takeover: Sept 9 – 11

ADK’s young members (20s & 30s) are taking over Johns Brook Lodge for the weekend! Enjoy the comforts of a backcountry lodge, make friends from across NY state, explore the Johns Brook Valley, and hike a high peak! Cost: $165 (Members receive 10% off), includes two nights lodging, six meals, and guided hike options. Scholarships are available from the NF chapter. See www.adk.org for more info or e-mail Stephanie@adk.org.

Supervised Trail Projects:

Volunteers work with trained ADK trail crew leaders to complete trail maintenance and reconstruction projects in Adirondack Park. ADK provides leadership, group camping gear, tools, transportation from base camp, and food. For details on projects ranging from 2-5 days, visit www.adk.org or see page 30 in the March-April Adirondac Magazine.

Employment in Adirondack Park:

Did you know ADK hires both seasonal and year-round staff? Check out ADK’s job board for current openings at www.adk.org/page.php?pname=job-board.

Education Scholarship Application                ADKBy-Laws2016

Education Scholarship Guidelines  

Education Scholarship Info