General Membership Meeting – April 11, 2017
Meeting location: Fellowship Hall – Amherst Community Church
77 Washington Highway, Snyder NY 14226  

6:30pm: Education Workshop – CAMP STOVES, Mare Steiniger
(please meet in the Community Room adjacent to the Main Meeting Room).
Join Mare Steiniger for a peek inside an Equipment Geek’s camping closet. Mare will present the 7 different types of camping stoves on the market today: hobo, white gas/kerosene, Esbit, Sterno, alcohol, propane and canister. Her presentation will include a little about the history and development as well as the pros and cons of each type of stove. Mare has at least one of each type in her closet, and will have them on hand for the workshop. Did you know that Esbit is an acronym? Or that Scott might have survived his expedition to the South Pole if he had the same stove that Amundsen was using? Or that YouTube demonstrates countless models of alcohol stoves and hobostoves you can make yourself out of empty food or beverage cans? Or that the performance of a canister stove is not dependent on the type of stove you have, but rather on what type of canister you purchase? Come join us for the workshop.

7:00pm: Meet & Greet with Refreshments

7:30pm: General Meeting – Brief Updates & Reports

7:45pm: Presentation CLIMATE CHAOS, Lynda Schneekloth, Climate Justice Coalition founder and 2016 ADK Conservationist of the Year
The Niagara Frontier Chapter is happy to welcome Lynda Schneekloth on April 11. Lynda was last year’s recipient of the Conservationist of the Year award at the ADK – NFC annual picnic. Lynda is the lead organizer of the Climate Justice Coalition of WNY, and has served as chair of the Sierra Club Niagara Group, is Advocacy Chair of the Western New York Environmental Alliance, and was one of the founders of Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper. She is also Professor Emerita at the School of Architecture and Planning at UB and a landscape architect. She is a grandmother of nine, most of whom live in Buffalo. Whew! Talk about a full life. We welcome her back to hear her extensive knowledge on the rapid global climate changes occurring through the burning of fossil fuels. Although the most logical answer is to stop using fossil fuels, the response has been slow. What is it about human nature that makes us unable to take action on a scale equal to the degree of emergency? What cultural stories prevent us understanding or “seeing” what is actually happening? How will all of this impact future generations and future species? This promises to be a powerful and provocative program. Don’t miss it!

Message From the Chair, Janet Kowalski
Cheryl Peluso is currently training our Chapter’s young, new Electronics Communications Chair. This is a position that Cheryl herself created, having the vision and skills to realize the need for this critically important gear in the machine that makes our chapter operations function smoothly. Cheryl electronically analyzes the membership list we receive from ADK Headquarters every month, and updates the recipient list for our newsletter and weekly emails. Other ADK Chapters who wish to upgrade their newsletter communication process have contacted Cheryl for her cheerful assistance. She has also overseen and updated our chapter website for many years. On behalf of a grateful Niagara Frontier Chapter, I THANK Cheryl for her wisdom, foresight, generosity, and kind personality. Cheryl remains active on our Board as an Alternate Director, and is also an extraordinary outings leader. Cheryl continues to be a golden asset to our fantastic organization.

I am delighted to introduce 2 new young members of our Executive Committee!

  • MARY KATHRYN NOACK, Electronics Communications Chair – Mary Kathryn loves the Adirondacks and is an avid explorer of the Adirondack Region. A SUNY at Buffalo graduate with a degree in Communications, Mary Kathryn has extensive management and technology experience with numerous projects affiliated with UB. In addition, Mary Kathryn volunteers at the DEC Nature Preserve at Reinstein Woods, and is very knowledgeable about Beavers! Mary Kathryn’s sweet personality and cheerful spirit are wonderful additions to our group.
  • DEENA MUELLER, Young Members Coordinator – Deena is an avid outdoorswoman who enjoys all winter sports in addition to hiking, paddling and mountain climbing! Originally from Chicago, Deena is an attorney and has lived in WNY for about 4 years. Deena has enthusiastically embraced the Young Member Chair position, reaching out to members in their 20s and 30s for both local and Adirondack adventures, starting with a Vertical Climbing outing on Saturday April 8. Deena’s dedication and eager enthusiasm are fantastic additions to our Board.

Happy Trails!
Janet Kowalski

Conservation Corner, Lynn Rehfeld-Kenney, Chair
The Conservation Committee meeting will be held at Lynn Kenney’s home on Tuesday, April 18th at 7:00pm. Call #825-7329 for directions. Join us and find out the latest information on what is happening in your community and state.

  • I attended the ADK Conservation Committee meeting in Albany that meets several times a year. Part of the NYS budget proposes that $500,000 from unspent funds to combat invasive species from the 2016 state budget will go towards the setup, staffing and growing of the native beetle (Lari Conbius Niarinus) that naturally attacks the hemlock wooly adelgid infestation. There is a 97% death rate once a Hemlock tree is infected. An additional $500,000 from the 2017 budget would be allocate to this process.
  • It came as a surprise, when Governor Cuomo announced during the State of the State address that he proposed building a hotel on Goat Island in the Niagara Falls State Park. This was a recommendation by the Empire State Development Group and was not even discussed with OPRHP (Office of Parks, Recreation and Historical Preservation). This runs counter to the 2012 OPRHP Comprehensive Plan for the Niagara Falls State Park which has a management strategy to return the park to the original vision of its designer, Frederick Law Olmstead, to make it a more natural experience. It also risks a Park Alienation situation if a hotel was built and run by a private business and not by OPRHP. A resolution was passed to oppose construction of a hotel.
  • Another proposal by the Governor was to build “glamping” lodging and dining facilities on the Boreas Ponds Tract of the Forest Preserve. “Glamping” is short for glamorous camping which includes a catered camping experience. This is inconsistent with the Adirondack Park State Land Master Plan which prohibits new structures to be built in the Forest Preserve. It would take a constitutional amendment to allow structures to be built. ADK has opposed similar amendments in 1935, 1945, 1946 and 1949. The ADK Conservation Committee passed a resolution that strongly opposes Construction of Dining and Lodging Facilities on Forest Preserve Land.
  • There is no word yet on the land designation ruling for the Boreas Ponds lands. Most likely information will be made public when the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) holds its next meeting in May.
  • Nationally there is great concern over severe cuts to the EPA funding. Locally funds are used to employ DEC employees who work on clean air and water programs. This would directly impact the initiative to clean up Lake Erie and to stop the spread of Asian Carp into the Great Lakes. Please contact your local congressmen and senators that EPA funded should not be cut. It is frightening when current government representatives say the EPA is of no benefit to US citizens and that there is no such thing as global warming.
  • If you have an interest in making positive changes, join us for the next Conservation Committee meeting. We are looking for new committee members.

Attacks on the environment never stop. Join the Conservation Committee to see how you can help.

I attended the 4th quarter ADK Director’s meeting earlier this month and following are some highlights from the meeting. If there are any questions or anyone would more detail on any of this please don’t hesitate to contact me at rlaing537@gmail.com.
• Three new yurts will be purchased and setup at the Heart Lake facility. These will be primarily used for educational programs and allow more and larger events to be held. Currently, education events are held at the Loj which means that the Loj space cannot be rented to other visitors. This will free up space in the Loj to be used by overnight guests.
• The remaining funds for the HPIC/Heart Lake renovations were released. Construction is ongoing at the HPIC at the Heart Lake property with the facility opening back up to the public by 12/21(hopefully). Other projects will commence once the weather allows in April or May and are to include: new well, new washhouse, campground loop addition, existing washhouse renovation and other smaller items. The majority of the funding for this was from a NYS grant, however about $75,000 is coming from ADK.
• The club remains on strong financial footing, and membership continues to grow at a slow but steady pace. Discussions are ongoing on how to grow the membership at a faster rate, with a focus on the downstate area.
• The club has yet to take a stance on the upcoming NYS Constitutional Convention and is soliciting feedback from each chapter. At the local chapter’s executive committee meeting in February we will be discussing this topic and provide our recommendations to the main club. Anyone who wishes to participate or provide input is welcome to attend or pass on their thoughts to an ex-com member.
• Other items discussed include: continued success of the Summit Steward program with additional funding provided by the state for next year, a multi-year contract between ADK and DEC for ADK to provide full time trail maintenance staff for projects in the Adirondacks and the Catskills, Boreas Ponds classification hearings have completed and now we wait for a decision.

Special Message from the Chair, Janet Kowalski:
Gerry Rising Pens New Essay for ADK Chapter Visit
At our monthly meeting on January 10, Gerry Rising, ADK member and former Buffalo News ‘Nature Watch’ Columnist, honored us with an evening to remember, as we listened attentively to Gerry read personal essays from his new book titled “Birds and Birdwatchers”. Inspired by this special occasion with ADK friends, 46-er Gerry shared a newly-composed essay with the group describing unforgettable personal tales of some of his High Peaks adventures. He graciously agreed to share his new essay with our chapter. Click here to view Gerry’s essay, “Two Climbs.”

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ADK 46er Update: EIGHTY-ONE members in our chapter have accomplished this impressive goal since our formation in 1971. To add your name, send it to Cheryl Peluso, cherylp17@verizon.net, or call Kate Hacker at 688-8618. If you don’t have a number because you didn’t register we can still add you to our 46er list.

Many Niagara ADK members are currently working towards this objective. 46er Lynn Kenney is the keeper of our chapter’s official 46er banner, an impressive prop to display from the summit of your 46th peak. Please contact Lynn if your completion is imminent, to borrow the banner and properly photo your achievement! (Lynn Kenney: woodthrush3@hotmail.com).

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