Next General Meeting – Tuesday, October 8, 2019 

Fellowship Hall
Amherst Community Church
77 Washington Highway
Snyder, NY 14226

NOTE: Park in rear, enter back door, and go up to 2nd floor.

Time and Agenda

6:30   EDUCATION WORKSHOP — Lead an ADK Outing

Be a super host! Host an outing for your ADK chapter! Do you have a favorite hike, paddle, bike ride? If not, would you like to discover one?
During our October Education Workshop we will go through the nuts and bolts of choosing, scouting, and planning an outing. We will help you discover some great ways to publicize your outing to invite some old and new friends to come along. Join us in the Community room (adjacent to the Main meeting room) from 6:30 to 7:15.
Questions, contact Education chair Teresa Corrigan: TeresaCorrigan85@gmail.com, or text (716) 440-5755, or voice mail (716) 835-1905.

7:00   SOCIAL TIME — Meet & Greet + Refreshments & Sweets

7:30   PRESENTATION — Alexander Mackenzie Revisited

Our October speaker will be author and WNY native Brian Castner. His latest book, Disappointment River, is an adventure tale recounting the historic search for the Northwest Passage. In 1789, Alexander Mackenzie traveled 1,125 miles by canoe down the immense river through Canadian Arctic wilderness to find a trade-route passageway. Later, the Mackenzie River (see map) was named in his honor.

Brian will share his own epic journey retracing the long grueling historical paddle down the Mackenzie River battling exhaustion, exposure, mosquitoes, white water rapids, and the threat of bear attacks.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Disappointment River, it will be available (cash only: $10 paperback, $20 hardcover). Brian will also personally sign the book.

Hope to see you all at the Presentation!

NOTE: A short business meeting will precede the presentation.

Looking Ahead

Our program presentation for November will be “Northern Exposure: Some Arctic-Alpine Plants of North America” presented by Wayne Gall Ph.D.

Arctic-Alpine plants display fascinating adaptations to their harsh environment. Wayne will present photos of wild plants that he captured in the Canadian Rockies at the edge of Arctic tundra on Hudson Bay at Churchill, Manitoba, and in the High peaks of Adirondacks.

Wayne Gall is a WNY native and icon in his field. He has degrees in Entomology, Biology and a Ph.D. in Zoology. He’s held top position at Buffalo Museum of Science, New York Dept. of Health and U.S.D.A. He was the first Administrative Naturalist appointed to Tifft Nature Preserve and has held the position of Conservation chair for ADK-NFC. Our chapter has had the pleasure of having him speak on many topics in the past!

Message from the Chair

Judging by the beautiful photos shared at our Ice Cream Social and Slide show, it seems like our members had a wonderful summer filled with adventure. This is one of my favorite meetings of the year. However, I always leave with a slight sense of despair, when I realize just how many places there are to see and how little time there is to see them.

At the end of August, Mary Schraven’s second two-year term as First vice- chair / Outings chair has ended. We thank her for her service. As I have already reported, her successor has reluctantly decided that she is unable to assume the role, so the position is currently vacant. We are searching for a replacement.

In the meantime, Deena Mueller-Funke has graciously volunteered to serve as an interim outings coordinator and maintain our outings calendar. We thank her for, once again, stepping up to fill a vacancy! She just completed a term as our interim newsletter editor, which she assumed when the editor resigned due to changes in her life. Deena was also serving as our Young Members Coordinator. She has resigned from this position, and we will not be recruiting a replacement.

Mary Noack, who is already serving as our Electronic Communications chair, has accepted the position as our Newsletter Editor. For now, she will be filling both roles.

This fall and winter, the executive committee will be studying the makeup of our chapter leadership, and the methods that we currently use to communicate with our members. We may be recommending some changes. Stay tuned.

Once again, I am making a general appeal to all of our members to consider volunteering to serve our chapter in one of the open leadership positions. We are looking for a new First vice-chair, and hiking and winter sports co-chairs. We are always seeking new trip leaders. I hope to hear from some of you soon.

As we transition to autumn, remember that hunting season is approaching. During this time, please be aware of locations where hunting is permitted, and use caution when in those places.

See you out there!

Paul M. Gannon


WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 15, 7:00 PM – 9 PM

WHERE: Gander Outdoors, 880 Young St., Tonawanda, NY (map)

46er NEWS

Our Chapter’s 46ers webpage has been updated. It now includes useful information for Aspiring 46ers and a colored, terrain map showing the locations of the 46 High Peaks in Adirondack Park. Also updated is the list of Niagara Frontier Chapter members who have completed the 46 High Peaks.

We want you on our list! Please submit any new entries or updates to David Kowalski (dfk2008@gmail.com).

Congratulations to Gayle Schutte who completed the 46 High Peaks on Mt. Marcy on June 9, 2019!

To visit our 46ers webpage, click ‘Our Chapter’s 46ers’ in the menu bar at the top of this page, or click here

Board of Director’s Meeting Report — Rob Laing

At the June ADK Directors Meeting held in Lake George, the following items were reviewed and discussed:

  • The Heart Lake Property construction is finally coming to a close. From plan to completion has been about 4 years. New or updated facilities include: new well, new septic, new water filtration system, new washhouse, updated existing washhouse, remodeled HPIC, landscaping, new campground loop, new campsites, new camping cabin, new snack bar.
  • The Hungry Hiker snack bar adjacent to the HPIC opened in May and so far has seen steady business. Hours have been expanded in June to include breakfast. The season will run until weather forces closing probably in October. The Hungry Hiker is open 7 days a week. The liquor license should be approved in July.
  • The Executive Director search continues. The job description has been modified to remove the requirement for a law degree and is more focused on not-for-profit management experience. Neil Woodworth is hoping to retire at the end of the year.
  • Broadband will be coming to the Heart Lake property this summer. Fiber cable is being run on existing raised power poles down the Loj road and should be functional by the end of July. An acceptable use policy is being developed to help guide how internet access will be used by guests and visitors.
  • Club membership numbers continue to rise slowly with 17,432 member households as of May, 2019
  • One of the major fundraising events, the IdidaRide, has lower registration than past years and any potential participants are urged to register soon.
  • The Executive Committee and BoD voted on and approved the expenditure for a 5 year strategic plan utilizing an outside consultant. An RFP was submitted to 6 organizations, 4 responded and 1 was selected. The strategic plan ideally will help guide the club’s direction in the coming years.

As always, if anyone would like more information on any topic please don’t hesitate to contact me at rlaing537@gmail.com.

Volunteer of the Year Award!

At our annual picnic on June 9, 2019 we presented Larry Beahan, “the Spirit and Voice of ADK and Niagara Frontier Conservation”, with the Volunteer of the Year Award in honor of his many years of service as secretary of the Executive Committee and member of the Conservation Committee. He was our chapter representative for the statewide Conservation Committee for a number of years. In 2007, he was presented with the ADK-NFC Conservationist of the Year award for his life-long commitment to preserving and protecting urban green space, wild forest and waterways.

Larry has also been active in the WNY Environmental Alliance, Sierra Club, and Niagara Relicensing Environmental Coalition standing committee of the Greenway Commission. He was active in preserving the Great Baehre Swamp Wildlife Management Area in the Town of Amherst. Larry has a great love and commitment to Allegany State Park. He is a member of the Allegany State Park Historical Society. He advocated against the state park master plans in the 1980’s and the 1990’s that would have permitted extensive logging to be done. Instead, in 2010, a master plan was adopted that provided protection to the old growth areas and allowed for natural forest succession.

He is a prolific writer with a great command of the English language. He has authored many books and is a frequent contributor to the Buffalo News editorial page. His writings will leave a legacy of knowledge to future generations. He also has a great sense of humor, and is very down to earth and easy to talk to. He is very involved with his family and has been married to his wife Lyn for many years. He is a true lover of the Adirondacks and its history and has spent his life hiking and enjoying nature. His leadership, passion, and shared wisdom will have an immeasurable impact for years to come.

In keeping with Larry’s values regarding conservation, instead of buying him a physical gift, or another plaque, a $100 donation in his name has been made to the ADK Conservation and Advocacy Campaign in the Adirondacks. On behalf of the Executive Committee and the general membership, we offer our heartfelt gratitude to Larry for his many years of service, and for the stellar example that he sets for the rest of us.

To read tributes from ADK-NFC members, Click Here


Kathy Clerkin

Kathy Clerkin is the cheery face that welcomes ADK members to our monthly meetings. She also reaches out to new members every month with a friendly phone call and a Welcome Letter.

In addition, Kathy serves one week every summer as the Heart Lake Campground Host near the epicenter of the Adirondack High Peaks. There she assists campers and as usual, provides that warm cheerful welcome to ADK guests.

As the coolest grandmother ever, over the years she has invited her grandson to spend the week with her, and his resulting love for the Adirondacks has shaped his desire to attend Paul Smith’s College near Saranac Lake.

A retired 70-something nurse, Kathy realizes the benefits of staying active for a long and healthy life. She works out 6 days a week at her local YMCA and quick-walks several miles on most days in Chestnut Ridge Park.

It is a challenge to keep up with her, as evidenced on a recent roadwalk she led for ADK!

Kathy was recently featured in a Buffalo News article on the secrets to aging gracefully, based on a study by the UB Center for Successful Aging.

Her top 3 tips for healthy aging:
• eat healthy
• keep active
• have a good outlook on life!

Kathy is an avid hiker and traveler, and is also blessed with close family and friends.

We are honored to have this spunky, inspiring example in our ADK family!

Report: ANNUAL ADK FALL OUTING – Finger Lakes Area

October 26-28, 2018

One of the many benefits of ADK membership is the annual ADK Fall Outing, an opportunity to explore a new scenic part of New York State and be hosted by locals who know the surrounding terrain. The sublime Finger Lakes area around Watkins Glen provided glorious settings for this year’s Fall adventures. Numerous lakes, streams and waterfalls carved by ancient glaciers enabled nearly 30 hiking, paddling and biking options to choose from over the 3-day event. Since the ADK Finger Lakes Chapter has a small membership, our Niagara Frontier members provided invaluable expertise to organize the weekend.

NFC Outings Chair Mary Schraven did a formidable job organizing 28 outings. Our Webmaster Rob Laing oversaw the website for outreach and registration, and our Treasurer Doug Gaffney handled the finances. Many of the outings were enthusiastically led by Niagara Frontier members including Rob Laing (Sugar Hill Fire Tower, Goundry Hill hikes), Janet and David Kowalski (Finger Lakes National Forest and CT Hill Wildlife Management Area hikes), Mary Schraven (Watkins Glen and Taughannock State Park hikes, Richard Schraven (Chemung paddle), Teresa and Peter Corrigan (Cornell Ornithology Lab visit), and Cheryl Peluso (Tanglewood Nature Center hike).

Over 130 ADK members attended, with the diehards from the Niagara Frontier Chapter having the highest participation!

Of course the best perk of all was meeting and getting reacquainted with the congenial, terrific ADK folks from other chapters across the state. It was a joy to engage with others who share similar interests and values in the beautiful outdoor settings.

Look forward to the 2019 ADK Fall Outing that will be held September 6-8 in the Poughkeepsie area.

—Submitted by David and Janet Kowalski

Congratulations to our Chapters Recent 46ers!

The climbers listed below were celebrated at the October and September 2018 ADK General Meetings as new 46ers. Bravo!

Name  – Final Peak

  • Leslie Salathe, Allen
  • Patty Pikul, Allen
  • Lin Pierce, Whiteface
  • Stephen Pierce, Whiteface
  • Marion Hanover, Redfield

And for 2nd Round of 46!

  • Kate Hacker
  • Ken Redding

We want YOU on our 46er List!
Please submit any new entries or updates to David Kowalski (dfk2008@gmail.com).

Recently we heard from Kristen Taylor and added her information to the list. She completed a Winter round of 46 high peaks on Phelps (#8689W – 3/18/17) and a Regular round on Saddleback (#8689 – 9/24/14).

We also added information for Lynne Blanchard (#7957) and Jan Errick (#7958) who both finished on Haystack (7/16/13).

To view Our Chapter’s 46ers List, click here.


Carry on our Chapter tradition of carrying our ADK-NFC 46er Flag to the top of your 46th peak. Call Lynn Kenney (825-7329) to pick up the 46er Flag so it can be a part of your celebratory photo when you complete your final peak to become an Adirondack 46er.


Here’s a fun way to display the wonderful opportunities offered by ADK!

To enlarge the image, click here.

ADK-NFC Meeting Cancellation Policy
The Executive Committee approved a new policy coordinate the decision to cancel the Monthly General Meetings with the Amherst Central School Closings. Since the Amherst Community Church property abuts Amherst High School, the winter weather conditions that warrant school closings will also dictate our General Meetings. When Amherst Schools or After School Activities are cancelled on the day of our ADK meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, then our monthly general meeting will be cancelled. Cancellation news will be reinforced with emails and Facebook postings.

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