General Meeting & Ice Cream Social

Tuesday, September 8th
Ice Cream Social 6:45 – 7:30
General Meeting – Your pictures! 7:30 – 9:00
77 Washington Highway, Snyder Amherst Community Church
NOTE: Please park in rear and enter through back door.

After a couple of months without meetings it’s so much fun to come back and share our summer stories at this first meeting of the season. Also there will be ice cream!!! Come, share, meet, see and hear about adventures and places to go! See you there!


Changes to our website and how YOU can help!

Note the changes we are slowly making on our website.  We are soliciting our members to submit articles and/or pictures for two of these new Pages: Remember When and Sharings.

What to submit?  Photos or stories from more than 15 years ago for the Remember When page and current photos and stories from our members about outings they are currently doing on their own and which may be of interest to our membership.

How to submit these?  Please email them to Cheryl Peluso at cherylp17@verizon.net.

Annual Meeting and Family Picnic!  June 14, 2015  Was a Success!  

Where:  Bison City Rod and Gun Club on Ohio Street, Buffalo

Where: Bison City Rod and Gun Club on Ohio Street in Buffalo

This unique urban location gave us an opportunity to explore our wonderful waterfront.  While there continues to be debate and decisions made about how the land is to be developed, I think everyone would agree that it was exciting to see what has already been accomplished.   Many thanks to the club members who volunteered to lead trips. The waterfront is ideal for biking with a newly running ferry linking the inner harbor and outer harbor.  Even though it was raining quite hard at the time of the outings, many people enjoyed an abbreviated bike trip led by JoAnn Ratajczak and had a chance to enjoy the ferry. Bob Bohner wisely arranged for a paddle on the Buffalo River to leave early, before the heavy rain began and although there was competition with other users, his trip went off very well.   Carolyn Kerr also took a few brave adventurers out on the river, to experience the silos and grain mills. Tifft Nature Preserve was visited as planned by hikers in full rain gear, led by Leslie Salute and the Kenney’s. It is our hope that with this introduction to the waterfront, many of our club members will return often to visit the first ward and inner and outer harbors.

 The Bison City Rod and Gun Club enjoyed learning about our club and through discussion we learned that they share many of our values in developing the waterfront for public access and conservation efforts. Bison City sponsor raising steelhead trout hatchlings and release thousands of them every spring. A few of their members took our newsletter and expressed interest in the paddling outings.  

 After the outings, the sun came out and folks enjoyed each other’s company and attended workshops to get information on backpacking, kayak camping and map and compass skills.  Thank you to Paul Gannon, Bob Van Hise and Andy Urban for their excellent information and for sharing their extensive knowledge and experiences.

Many thanks to all the people who assisted with the shopping, set up, cooking and cleaning up. I apologize ahead of time for forgetting those of you who so enthusiastically pitched in. Please let me know if I left your name off.  Janet Kowalski and Mary Schraven shopped at BJ’s to buy the food.  Condiments and 5 dozen rolls were donated by Janet Kowalski.  Many people arrived early to help set up including: Marjorie Janowsky, Kathy Clerkin, Janet and David Kowalski, Carol and David Schuster, Sandy Paine and Carl Minklei, Leslie Salute, and Jinny Colburn.  Richard Schraven helped rake out the debris on the DEC boat launch to make it accessible. Joe Rebisz was the Grill Mister, assisted by Judy Hooker and Janet Kowalski.  The clean-up committee was just about everyone at the picnic, for it took less than 30 minutes to be all packed and put away.  Thanks to Wendy Mohrman, Steve Woroniak, Bob Van Hise, 

 MANY BIG THANK YOUS and appreciation to club leaders who are finishing their terms in elected and appointed positions: Cheryl Puluso as Chairman, Ron Dorr as biking co-chair, Andy Urban as Outings Chair; Peter Corrigan and Richard as education co-chairs and Janet Kowalski for Programs last year.

 MANY THANKS to our remaining elected and appointed leaders who will continue in their positions: Thanks to Bob VanHise, Director; Lynn Kenney, conservation chair; Richard Schraven (waterways co-chair), and JoAnn Ratajczak, winter sports and weekly email reminder; Larry Beahan, secretary; Doug Gaffney, treasurer; Kate Hacker, Newsletter Editor; Cheryl Peluso, electronic communication; Sandy Paine, Hospitality; Kathy Clerkin, Membership; Bruce Lockwood, Bookstore; Joe Ribisz, AV technology; Rob Laing, web master.

 WELCOME AND THANKS TO NEWLY ELECTED OFFICERS; Janet Kowalski as Club Chairperson; and Mary Schraven as outings Chairperson

 WELCOME AND THANKS TO NEWLY APPOINTED: Paul Kochmanski, new biking co-chair; Teresa Corrigan, new education co-chair; Peter Corrigan, new backpacking co-chair.


 Next year’s picnic is Saturday, June 11th, 2016 at Chestnut Ridge Park, Commissioner’s Cabin.

submitted by Mary Schraven 6/2015

Conservationist of the Year Award

It is with great pleasure that the award was presented to Art Klein. Art has been an ADK member since the 1980’s and has been a chapter and Conservation Committee chairperson. His work at the Army Corp of Engineers provided him with special insight into preserving wetlands and waterways. He investigates what is happening and formulates letters and articles to inform and alert the politicians about what needs to be done to preserve the environment. His advice is that you can make a difference, just get out there and let your voice be heard.