ADK Niagara Chapter POTLUCK DINNER – December 13, 2016
Meeting location: Fellowship Hall – Amherst Community Churchpot-luck-dinner
77 Washington Highway, Snyder NY 14226  


Come help create a festive setting for our Chapter’s potluck feast. Any help with setup (and cleanup) is welcome!

6:30pm – DINNER!

santaHelp us make a warm and memorable get together on Tuesday night by bringing your favorite hot dish or share your crock pot delights. We will have extra tables set up to keep all your dishes readily available. Beverages will be provided. A small supply of paper products will be available, but on behalf of the planet, members are asked to bring their own (reusable) plates, utensils, and cups.

Don’t forget that Old Saint Nick may include our Chapter in his travels!

Also, don’t miss out on our drawing for outdoor gear… remember to grab your ticket at the door!

Looking Back
WATER MATTERS” – The program on conservation efforts by one of our own fellow ADK members Erin Redding on Election Day was enthusiastically received by Niagara Frontier chapter. It was really an eye opener to see the attention to detail put forth by the Gomez and Sullivan Engineering Firm monitoring water quality and work towards planting healthy wetland species on islands of the Niagara River. Erin’s extensive niagara-river-restoration-croppedknowledge in differentiating these plants was certainly impressive. Samples of books to help us differentiate these plants ourselves were provided and highlighted what a tough job sorting these plants is! Working onsite to both plant and monitor the health of the project must be enjoyable in the middle of the Niagara River in between the nesting season of herons from March to July. The rich history of these little islands includes a previous boat club on Motor island and a hotel on Strawberry island. These previous establishments have been a thing of the past and instead attention to conservation is today priority.

Message From the Chair, Janet Kowalski
snow-flakes-coloredSome of the nicest people I know are from the Adirondack Mountain Club. At any ADK function, it is a good bet you’ll be surrounded by happy, nature-loving folks with similar interests. Amidst our calendar of outings, meetings and education workshops it is important to schedule events for good old socializing and fellowship. The pleasure of getting to know our fellow members is one of the greatest gifts that ADK offers! For our December meeting, the Annual Holiday Potluck is always fun and well-attended. The food is guaranteed to be amazingly delicious, and there are usually a few surprises and shenanigans. ‘Tis the season to Eat Drink and Be Merry!!! See you there.

Newsletter Name Update
At the traditional December Holiday Potluck, members will have a chance to weigh in on choosing a name for our Monthly Newsletter. Look for the display and the Newsletter Elf, and state your preferences! There are many suggestions, or you may add a new one. Some Newsletter Name possibilities include WNY Whispers, Niagara Explorer, Niagara Pathfinder, Niagara Headings, Niagara Compass, Happy Trails, Niagara Guidepost, Trailhead, and Niagara Routes. Think about what our chapter represents, and what makes it unique. We are certainly blessed with a multitude of waterways, so a name that captures both land and water would be appropriate. Bring your ideas and input!

ACTION ALERT: Help Protect the newly-acquired Boreas Ponds Tract as WILDERNESS !
We’ll help you Email a message to Gov. Cuomo and his Adrondack Park Agency. For details, click here.


HELP WANTED at ADK High Peaks Information Center (HPIC)
Your Help is needed during December to help complete HPIC reconstruction.
Can you volunteer your time? adk-hpic-photo-crop

Reconstruction is ongoing at the Heart Lake High Peaks Information Center. Currently HPIC services are being provided from a tent next to the existing HPIC while the permanent structure is being completed. We’re at the point where “non-skilled” labor is needed to assist with the finishing touches. This includes sanding, painting, staining and maybe even the ability to swing a hammer and make contact with a nail. This assistance is needed throughout the month of December and will be supervised by the Heart Lake property maintenance supervisor. Lodging and meals will be provided. For more details and to discuss possible dates please contact Rob Laing at rlaing537@gmail.com

Conservation Corner, Lynn Rehfeld-Kenney, Chair
The Conservation Committee meeting will be held at Jay Wopperer’s home on Tuesday, December 20th at 7:00pm. Jay and Linda will be providing a scrumptious holiday meal before the meeting at 6pm. Call (716) 866-8499 for directions and to let them know if you will be attending the dinner before the meeting. Join us and find out the latest information on what is happening in your community and state.

  • Thank you to all of the members who attended the Boreas Ponds hearing in Rochester on November 28th. If you were not able to attend, you have until December 30th to send a letter to Governor Cuomo and his Adirondack Park Agency (APA) to inform them that none of the four proposals will provide adequate protection to the forests and waterways. The ADK website provides suggestions on how to write a letter and an easy way to send the letter by e-mail. To get started, click here.
  • Two comment sessions were held at the Buffalo City Council Chambers in November about the Green Code Proposition in Buffalo that determines how areas are classified for development. A section of this code pertains to an area of land owned by the NY Power Authority on the Outer Harbor that runs between the Buffalo River and the Union Canal. Currently some boats are stored there and it is the spot where the ferry from the Inner Harbor to the Outer Harbor docks. ADK along with the WNY Environmental Alliance want this land coded as green space. The Green Code proposal wants it changed to allow for housing. This would decrease public access to this section of the Outer Harbor, block views of the water by an apartment building and result in you, the taxpayer, having to pay for the infrastructure(water lines, gas lines, etc.) so an apartment building could be built. Please e-mail your comments to the Executive Director, Dinash Lal at dlal@city-buffalo.com and contact your council member to say you want this land to be coded as D-OG (green space) so the public has access to it. Construction has temporarily been halted on a different site of the Outer Harbor where the old Freezer Queen building is located. A lawsuit has been initiated by the WNY Environmental Alliance to prevent the building of a 23 story building which would also block views, impede migrating birds and limit public access.
  • There is hope that the DEC and New York City will provide funds to grow a native beetle (Lari Conbius Niarinus) that naturally attacks the hemlock wooly adelgid infestation. ADK plans to lobby for DEC funding for this program in Albany. The destruction of hemlock trees would be very detrimental to the environment. Hemlocks help to stabilize the soil. Loss of trees would result in increased water turbidity which would negatively impact native fish and mollusks and the NY City water supply. Your tax dollars would have to go towards building a water filtration plant that would cost billions of dollars. Increasing the number of dead trees could result in large, high intensity forest fires if a fire starts. It would also negatively impact your hiking and canoeing experience with views of large areas of dead trees.

Attacks on the environment never stop. Join the Conservation Committee to see how you can help.

ADK-NFC Director Rob Laing travels to Lake George for quarterly Director’s meetings with ADK Senior Staff and Directors from the other 26 ADK chapters. His most recent Director’s Report is documented in the October 2016 Newsletter (click here). Included are discussions on the Boreas Ponds Tract, Heart Lake Facilities upgrade, Adirondack LOJ Road maintenance, and High Peaks Overcrowding.

Wanted: Electronic Communications Chair!
We are looking for an individual with computer skills who would like to join our wonderful Executive Committee, which meets ecc-computer-glasses-smonce per month. The time commitment is flexible, usually just a few hours per month.

The Electronic Communications Chair (ECC) maintains a database of chapter email contacts, and composes/disseminates email communications as needed. The ECC also oversees the ADK-NFC website. For more information please contact our current ECC Cheryl Peluso (cherylp17@verizon.net) or Webmaster Rob Laing (RLaing537@gmail.com).

46er Update: At the Annual Picnic we recognized the Niagara Frontier ADK members who have climbed the 46 Adirondack Peaks over 4000 feet in elevation. Altogether, EIGHTY-ONE members in our chapter have accomplished this impressive goal since our formation in 1971.

Many Niagara ADK members are currently working towards this objective. 46er Lynn Kenney is the keeper of our chapter’s official 46er banner, an impressive prop to display from the summit of your 46th peak. Please contact Lynn if your completion is imminent, to borrow the banner and properly photo your achievement! (Lynn Kenney: woodthrush3@hotmail.com).


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