General Meeting

Tuesday, February 9th
Education Workshop 6:30 – 7:15pm                                                                                         Happy Half Hour 7 – 7:30pm                                                                                                  Program 7:45 – 8:45pm                                                                                                                        77 Washington Highway, Snyder Amherst Community Church
NOTE: Please park in rear and enter through back door.NOTE: Please park in rear and enter through back door.

DECProgram – Behind the Trees: A Look at DEC land management and recreational opportunities in the southern tier

Get off the couch in February and help welcome Dave Paradowski, Regional Forester with NYS DEC to discuss land management of state forests in Chataqua, Cattaraugus and Allegany counties. Have you ever wondered why recreational ATV trails are available in NYS forests, why spruce removal and clear cuts occur, and how hiking trails are established?  Or how the DEC is attacking the invasive species, woolly adelgids, which threaten our WNY hemlock population. Dave will answer these questions and also talk about new land purchases in Zoar Valley that will protect Old Growth Forest communities, and Cattaragus Creek along with its tributaries.

Dave Paradowski’s early years were spent on a dairy farm in southern Erie County and his love of the land continued with his studies at the SUNY Forest and Resources Management school. His time at DEC began in 1997 and his office has been centered in the Allegany office since 2007.

Dave’s presentation is a great opportunity to learn more about the valuable forests within our ADK chapter and how they are being protected and managed. Bring your questions and learn about one of WNY’s most valuable assets.pollution issues, DEC involvement and proposed clean up efforts of Cheektowaga. We look forward to hearing what has been happening behind the scenes!

Education Program  – Tracks and signs

Feb Workshop

Did you miss our January program? Read about what you missed!


Despite a rather scary looking forecast for snow, our informative January speaker Dan Telvock from Investigative Post addressed the equally brave and engaged audience about the Scajaquada Creek pollution issues. Dan’s long term investigative efforts and photographic documentation highlighted why the creek and feeding waterways have now become so polluted. With someone like Dan at the forefront making headlines, the hope is to force the long term inaction of local governments, EPA and DEC in taking corrective action. The touching footage of ducks drowning in floating garbage in front of politicians, and the public is sure to keep the topic alive. With continued outreach thru ADK members, hopefully more people will keep this effort moving forward.
Dan invited interested science sleuths to join his research efforts and support his goals for cleaner waterways in WNY. (Email: dtelvock@investigativepost.org / Twitter: @dantelvock)

Message from the Chair   Janet Kowalski

The Niagara Frontier ADK chapter offers a calendar full of year-round outings. We are also one of the most social chapters in the state, with monthly meetings throughout most of the year. Our club is fortunate to have the loyal volunteers to make it happen!

Here are the Top 10 Attractions at the ADK-NFC General Meetings, held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from September to May.

~ Super nice people who share common interests

~ Delicious refreshments…. Hospitality Chair Sandy knows a special baker who prepares goodies for us

~ Informative Education Workshops: a great opportunity to brush up your outdoor knowledge

~ The ADK store has fun T-shirts and informative WNY guidebooks

~ An eclectic assortment of library books covering Adirondack history, hiking guides, adventure stories, and much more

~ Learn about upcoming outings, or plan an outing with a fellow ADK member

~ Excellent speakers covering a variety of topics, to enrich your understanding of timely issues

~ Free giveaways, including books and raffle prizes

~ An unbeatable network of outdoor-minded people, and an opportunity for lifelong connections

~ A golden opportunity to support ADK missions: ADK CARES about Conservation, Advocacy, Recreation, Education and Stewardship

See you there!

NFC Offers Scholarships for a Variety of Education Programs

In addition to the Winter Mountaineering School scholarships, awards for several other ADK classes are also available from the Niagara Frontier Chapter. ADK’s Education classes provide the skills and ethics needed to explore the wilderness safely with maximum enjoyment and satisfaction. Most classes are offered at the Heart Lake Program Center with trained professional instructors. Options include the popular Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder courses offered throughout the year. These courses will help you prepare for an emergency when you are miles from help. Other skill workshops including Map and Compass Fundamentals, Leave No Trace Master Education courses, and Guides License Training. Learn more about ADK classes on the state website ADK.org, and find out about scholarship support from the chapter’s website adk-nfc.org. Build up your skills and share what you have learned with local ADK members. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The 46er Outdoor Skills Workshop  

The information for the 46er Outdoor Skills Workshop at the Loj in Lake Placid has been listed in the Adirondac magazine and the information is on their website. Richard and Mary Schraven have attended in the past and will be attending again. They state that it was a blast and that they learned so much and met really great people and want to promote this. The cost is only $20 and everything is included.   Check it out at www.adk46er.org

April 29-May1. Comparable weekend workshops would be hundreds of dollars.

Help Needed

“ADK is a wonderful organization with so many facets that are aligned to my core values of protecting the environment, exercising and having fun in the beautiful natural areas of WNY (and beyond) and meeting educated and knowledgeable people with similar interests! Perhaps you, too are getting to know your local chapter and would like to get more involved. Two important leadership positions currently need to be filled: newsletter editor and hiking co-chairperson. Below are brief descriptions of the position. If you would like more information about volunteering for these or other positions, please contact Mary Schraven at maryschraven1@gmail.com 716-946-7489, or Janet Kowalski at janetk300@gmail.com. For the newsletter editor position contact Kate Hacker at hackerks@gmail.com or at 688-8618.

Newsletter Editor is an appointed position that can include assembling the monthly newsletter and a range of other online work on our chapter communications. At present the position just includes collecting all of the monthly submissions and putting together the newsletter in Microsoft Word. Other word processing software can be used, including Constant Contact which is used to email members. The newsletter gets posted on our website and a few copies are printed. Several volunteers work on the website and getting the printed copies out. The Editor attends monthly Executive Committee meetings, but the rest of the work can be done at home. The Editor must have strong computer skills and the ability to edit submissions when needed. If you would like more information contact Kate Hacker at 688-8618 or at hackerks@gmail.com.

Hiking Co-Chairperson is an appointed position who works in conjunction with the Outings Chairperson to organize trip leaders for day who hikes frequently, enjoys helping others develop their leadership skills, and has good organizational skills. “


Are You a 46er? We Want You on Our List!

Loretta Yerke, who is a long term member of our chapter and former ADK Newsletter editor, made up a list of all our chapter 46ers in 2008. Wilma Cipolla and Loretta thought we should update the list to include all of the new 46ers since then. If you don’t have a number because you didn’t register we can still add you to the list.

Click here to see the current list. To add your name send it to Cheryl Peluso, cherylp17@verizon.net, or call Kate Hacker at 688-8618.

Education Scholarship Application 

Education Scholarship Guidelines  

Education Scholarship Info


Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 27 at 6:30 PM in the Meeting Room at the LibraryBooksEggertsville-Snyder Library Branch at 4622 Main St in Snyder, near the corner of Burroughs and Main. We will discuss “The Adirondack Reader”, a fascinating compilation of four centuries of Adirondack Writing, including short essays by Ethan Allen, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joyce Carol Oates and Theodore Roosevelt. Newcomers are always welcome! For more information contact Janet at janetk300@gmail.com.

Future Reads: February 24: The Healing Woods, by Martha Reben March 30: The Lure of the Labrador Wild, by Dillon Wallace April 27: Bellefleur, by Joyce Carol Oates May 25: Woodswoman II, by Anne LaBastille The library has between 1-5 copies of most selections. Purchase options include abebooks (used and inexpensive), adirondack-books.com, or amazon. The ADK chapter library also has some of these books. Books can also be shared among club members if necessary.