Tuesday, November 11th
Education Workshop 6:30-7:00
Happy Half Hour 7 – 7:30 with Ice Themed Refreshments
General Meeting 7:30 – 9:00
77 Washington Highway, Snyder  Amherst Community Church
NOTE: Please park in rear and enter through back door


Presented by JASON BRINER, PHD, Associate Geology Professor at UB

Jason Briner from the Geology Dept at SUNY at Buffalo will be our featured speaker at the Novembermeeting. Jason is a young, adventurous investigator who has traveled with his students to some of the most exciting corners of the world to study glacier and ice sheet changes and how they relate to global climate change. His research has taken him icy locations including Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Alaska and Baffin Island in Northern Canada.

Jason is from Seattle and received his PhD at University of Colorado at Boulder. He has been at UB since 2005. His research is published in prestigious journals including Science and Nature, and shows that ice sheets and glaciers change rapidly in response to global warming.

With all of Jason’s frigid destinations, he is certainly an expert on winter gear, and is knowledgeable about how outdoor enthusiasts can protect themselves from the winter elements. He will recommend his favorite winter gear and lodging strategies that he and his team utilize. Closer to home, Jason will also talk about ice sheet erosion in New York State, and how ancient geologic formations gave rise to the glorious features we now enjoy, including waterfalls, lakes, escarpments and valleys.

We are honored to have Jason join us on November 11. Ice-themed refreshments will precede the presentation. You won’t want to miss this special evening


Education Workshop (6:30 before main meeting)

Winter Activities Preparation

We will talk about and examine different type of snowshoes, hiking traction devices and cross-country skis, boots and poles.  A preseason ski preparation clinic will include waxing and anti-icing applications for (wax-less) skis.  For those new to winter outings we will survey the places to go for snowshoeing and x-c skiing.  If time allows, we will also list the Winter Ten Essentials.




Review of the October Program – “Powerful Plants”

Presented by Sandy Geffner of Earth Spirit

At our October meeting, ADK folks were treated to an educational and invigorating presentation aboutedible plants, and their many uses as both medicines and tasty foods. Who knew raw garlic was so good for you? Or that you could cook dandelion leaves like spinach? Did you know dandelions are named after “Lions Tooth” (based on leaf shape), and that the flower and buds are edible?

This is just a sample of the intriguing details presented by Sandy Geffner, Co-Founder and Director of Earth Spirit. Our thanks to the folks at Earth Spirit, who for decades have worked with numerous groups in Western NY and opened our eyes to Nature’s Gifts.

ADK members are invited to join Sandy on a foraging hike this coming Saturday, October 18 at 10 AM at the Buffalo Ski Club in Colden.


ADK RELEASE FORM – For Use By Outing Leaders