General Meeting Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Fellowship Hall
Amherst Community Church
77 Washington Highway
Snyder, NY 14226

NOTE: Park in rear, enter back door, and go up to 2nd floor.

Delicious Backcountry Cooking | 6:30p

This is the time of year to cook extra food and preserve it for your paddle and hiking adventures next summer!   Join Mary and Richard Schraven as they share their expertise. The Schravens have have led many backcountry paddling trips amoung other adventures.  They will share some of their secrets for home preparation and making mouthwatering goodies in camp.

Our workshop is in the community room adjacent to the main meeting room, hope to see you there!

Meet, Greet, & Refreshments | 7:00 – 7:30p

Business Meeting | 7:30 – 7:45p

Presentation: Endangered Species | 8:00p

Our February program, presented by the Buffalo Zoomobile featuring vital and endangered species.

The program defines what threatened, endangered, extirpated and extinct species are. They will show a cross section of animals on the endangered species list, the reasons they are in danger and discuss preventative measures that have arisen over the years to help save these wonder creatures.

They’ll be discussing illegal pet trade, animal hunting/exploitation for merchants, and habitat destruction. Fortunately protective laws and conservation/preservation efforts of zoos and nature preserves are offering hope for the future of these precious animals.


Information Brief

Cycle the Erie Canal- July 12-19th – Buffalo to Albany 400 miles- for information on the bike ride please visit Registered ADK cyclists may submit their name and contact information to Mike Lex at He will compile and share the list with members registered for the ride.

            -Mike Lex, Biking chair

Update from your Hiking Chair

Are you interested in climbing the Adirondack high peaks? Have you become a 46er and want to share your expertise with Aspiring 46ers?  If you are interested in leading a workshop, informal discussion, or a hike, please email

I would like to form a group of ADK hikers that want to participate in longer outings. Please contact me if you are interested.

Our chapter will continue to offer popular themed hikes throughout the year. I look forward to hearing from present and future leaders that would like to share their expertise in wildlife studies or field ecology while leading an outing.

            -Leslie Salathe, Hiking & Winter sports chair

ADK 46er Updates:

Our Chapter’s 46ers webpage has been updated. It now includes useful information for Aspiring 46ers and a colored, terrain map showing the locations of the 46 High Peaks in Adirondack Park. Also updated is the list of Niagara Frontier Chapter members who have completed the 46 High Peaks.

We want you on our list! Please submit any new entries or updates to David Kowalski (

Congratulations to our Chapters Recent 46ers!

New Year 2020 brought several new additions to our ADK-NFC 46-er List:

  • Scott R. Patronik finished on Cascade (10/01/16)
  • Dan Perry finished on Whiteface (8/25/2012)
  • James E. Pankow finished on Santanoni (11/17/12)
  • Rick Albrecht finished on Nippletop (10/20/12)
  • Jamie Shanahan finished on Panther Peak (9/19/16)

Thanks for the updates, Scott, Dan, James, Rick and Jamie!

To view Our Chapter’s 46ers List, click here.

46er FLAG

Carry on our Chapter tradition of carrying our ADK-NFC 46er Flag to the top of your 46th peak. Call Lynn Kenney (825-7329) to pick up the 46er Flag so it can be a part of your celebratory photo when you complete your final peak to become an Adirondack 46er.

Here’s a fun way to display the wonderful opportunities offered by ADK!

To enlarge the image, click here.

ADK-NFC Meeting Cancellation Policy
The Executive Committee approved a new policy coordinate the decision to cancel the Monthly General Meetings with the Amherst Central School Closings. Since the Amherst Community Church property abuts Amherst High School, the winter weather conditions that warrant school closings will also dictate our General Meetings. When Amherst Schools or After School Activities are cancelled on the day of our ADK meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, then our monthly general meeting will be cancelled. Cancellation news will be reinforced with emails and Facebook postings.

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