Eighteen Mile Creek Hike-2/26/17

Eighteen cheerful hikers enjoyed a 4-mile scenic gorge hike, starting at the trailhead on South Creek Road in Hamburg. At the 2-mile turnaround point there was a comical sign: TRAIL ENDS HERE. The Creek’s name is based on the distance between its Lake Erie terminus and the Niagara River. There is another Eighteen Mile Creek in WNY that flows into Lake Ontario, which is named for the same criteria. I never realized this until I researched the Creek before our hike…. Cool!

Submitted by David and Janet Kowalski
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Trip Report Grand Island Hike and Breakfast Feb. 4, 2017

Tom Burkman had a wonderful breakfast for us hikers of bacon, eggs, coffee, and juice.  Participants added fresh fruit, English muffins and exotic flavors of yogurt. Yummy!  With our bellies full and a feeling of camaraderie, we set off for a lovely hike around the creek, woods, and wet lands  adjoining Tom’s property.  Our first adventure was crossing the mostly frozen creek over a bridge that made us wonder what we were getting ourselves into.  But following our brave leader, everyone made it across safely.  We saw footprints that may have been coyote and many wild turkey tracks.  Crossing the wetland ponds and hearing the ice groan and splinter under our weight was also a thrill, though no one got a wet foot.  After about 90 minutes, we warmed up around the fireplace with hot cocoa.  It was a great way to visit with a new and well known ADK members, get some exercise and enjoy the lovely wilderness of Grand Island. Thank you Tom for sharing your home and woods with us all!

Here’s what Tom wrote: On February 4, seven members including new ADK member, John Melithoniotes went for a winter hike in Grand Island.  They gathered at the home of Tom Burkman for a hearty breakfast for which several brought food.  Snow cover amounted to only a couple of inches, so hiking boots were sufficient in what was originally marketed as a snowshoe outing.  The group hiked into the woods along Gun Creek.  Then along trails and a pipeline and fields ending back at Tom’s house for hot chocolate around the fireplace.  The cold temperatures of the preceding week made it safe to cross the creek and wetland areas. The snow cover was a graphic display of deer, coyote and turkey tracks.  A good time was had by all.

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Trip Report Stiglemeier Hike Feb. 4, 2017

Beth Hartz led a friendly group on a beautiful winter hike through scenic Stiglmeier Park. We we treated to several bird sightings, including a Red-bellied Woodpecker! We also savored the wide variety of Old Growth trees there, including ash, black cherry and beech. We saw evidence of some busy beavers too! This well-maintained park is a local gem, with benches, boardwalks, and several miles of well-marked wooded trails.
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Knox Farm Jan. 11, 2017

No -Snow – Walk at Knox Park – January 11, 2017
On a cold & dry winter morning four of us walked almost all of the perimeter paths at Knox Farm. We made a brief stop at the ‘little library ‘, went around the outermost trails where we could look across the road to the seminary, the path to the waterfall and the polofields.  Found a ‘letterbox ‘ under a tree stump. (Google it. Letterboxing is a less technical version of geocaching ). Then we peeked in the windows of the mansion & the Polo barns.  FYI  Knox is a busy place on the weekends.  Many happy canines cavorting in the dog park area.  By noontime, cars were parked on the grass all along the exit road, right next to the ‘do not park on the grass’ signs.
Carol Griffis
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Franklin Gulf Park, May 22 2016

Kim Newland treated us to a fantastic afternoon hike in one of Western NY’s little-known wilderness gems. Eight hikers enjoyed serene woods filled with spring wildflowers including several patches of spectacular Pink Lady’s Slippers (aka Moccasin Flowers). After hiking along the ravine rim, we descended for a creek walk, savoring several refreshing small waterfalls. It was a delightful Sunday afternoon hike!Franklin Gulf


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Trip Report – Earth Day Niagara River Shoreline Cleanup – 4/23/16

ADK River Cleanup 1 ADK River Cleanup 2ADK members celebrated 2016 Earth Day weekend on Saturday, April 23 by participating in a cleanup of Unity Island in Buffalo. Members joined forces with volunteers from Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper on a beautiful, sunny day to comb the island’s Niagara River shoreline for debris, removing a total of 19 bagfuls of paper, plastic, bottles and cans, fishing line, and even a pair of old dress shoes (size 10).  The enthusiastic ADK clean-up team included Teresa and Pete Corrigan, Nancy Hanavan, Mike Weimer, Janet and David Kowalski, and Lee Clukey

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XC Ski at Elma Meadows on Feb 13, 2016

Feb. 13th, the coldest day this winter had 6 crazy people, a combination of ADK’ers and Buffalo Nordic members brave the sub-zero temps and XC Ski out at Elma Meadows.  Originally, the plan was Bryncliff, but even with the lake-effect snows of Friday, the 12th, there wasn’t good enough conditions to justify the drive and the fees for Byrncliff. We were the only ones on the trail but the employees lit the fireplace and opened the snack bar for us!  While not very fashionably dressed, the face mask and goggles really worked well! Hand warmers also came in handy.  Submitted by Mary Schraven

Elma Meadows

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Snowshoe at Erie County Forest – January 17 2016

geneseeRd Jan 2016

On January 17 our enthusiastic group enjoyed Cheryl’s classic Figure 8 snowshoe hike on the beautiful snow-covered Erie County Forestry Trail near Sardinia. After over 3 miles of gentle hills, majestic tall trees and scenic flowing streams we finished our outing with a fun lunch gathering in the rustic sugar shack.  Submitted by Janet Kowalski

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Franklin Gulf Hike November 8 2015

Franklin GulfSeven hikers enjoyed exploring Franklin Gulf, Erie County park in Eden on November 8th. It was a beautiful fall day, with temperatures above normal for November, but perfect for hiking. Most of the trees were bare, which allowed for the sun to filter through the forest. The water level was low in the creek ,so a portion of the hike included walking in the creek bed. Here we enjoyed seeing the layered shale cliffs, crystal clear water pools, and shale ledges filled with oak leaves and acorns. Thanks to all who attended this hike. Submitted by Kim Newlands

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Paris Climate Summit Hike, November 8, 2015

Climate Change Hike 2 Climate Cgange HikeOn a bright November Sunday morning 15 of us met at the “Discovery Center in Niagara Falls State Park.” We were a mix of ADKers, Sierrans and students. Our leader Jay Wopperer was dressed in a tiger costume; there was a gorilla, a dinosaur and a little bear in the group. Several carried signs calling attention to the Paris Summit and calling for the end of fossil fuels. We had pamphlets to distribute with the same message.

We walked under the Rainbow bridge to Prospect point passing the amazing falls view where Father Hennepin got his first glimpse of this wonder and then moved on to Prospect Point where we were marveled at by tourists. They took pictures of us in our costumes and so did we. Along with the photography, we tried to get across our concerns about the Planet. We went on to Luna and then Goat Island where a magnificent Rainbow paralleled the arch of the Rainbow Bridge for us. We then reversed our tracks.

It was a beautiful day, we had a great time and maybe we did some good.

The hike was an ADK contribution to the “Rise up for Climate Change” campaign organized by Sierra Club Niagara Group.  Submitted by Larry Beahan

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