May 2020 Virtual Education:

Mike Radomski, a recently minted ADK 46er and licensed outdoor guide presenting High Peaks Adventuring: Part I.  If you missed it, our outing chair Greg Germaine was kind enough to record it.  Please see links below.

Thanks so much to Mike, to Greg for all of his technical help, and to Leslie Salathe for helping to make all of this possible.  If anybody has questions for Mike, feel free to reach out via email,

Slides presented 5-12-2020

Recording of Webinar (ignore the first 60 seconds of Greg not realizing it was recording!)

-Teresa Corrigan, Outings Chair




Nature in Winter 


Here is a link to the D.E.C. Page  with an overview of  some winter wildlife topics.  Its for “kids” of all ages:

Here is a link to the official “Snowflake Bentley” site    

Make sure you treat yourself to the slide show of all the snowflake images he made!

Click on each individual flake for a great close up view!

Finally here is a link to the Cornell All about Birds site  where you can learn more about winter birds like the Black Capped Chickadee!

We hope that whets your appetite to learn about more winter birds.  Go back to the site and search for Nuthatches, Cardinals,  Dark eyed Juncoes,  Red Tailed Hawks, Cooper’s Hawks, great Horned Owls, and Snowy Owls!  All but the last are regular winter residents.  The Snowy Owl is an occasional and exciting visitor.


Getting Started Cross Country skiing